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Using the RibStick

Written Instructions

  1. Place the thawed rack of ribs upside down on a flat preparation surface to expose the membrane.

  2. The rack should be positioned so that the shortest bones are on the left and longest bones are on the right.

  3. Holding the hexagon shaped end of the RibStick, locate the second shortest bone on the rack.

  4. Using that bone as a guide, carefully slide one prong of the split end of the RibStick between the membrane and bone.

  5. Be careful not to puncture the membrane.

  6. Continue pushing the single RibStick prong under the membrane until the edge of the membrane reaches the joint of the two prongs.

  7. Attach the cordless driver that came with your RibStick to the hexagon shaped end of the RibStick

  8. Once attached, slowly begin operating the driver in a clockwise direction.

  9. Gradually increase the speed of the driver after the membrane separates from the shortest rib and has completely wrapped around both prongs of the RibStick base.

  10. As the membrane pulls away from the third and fourth bones, begin using your free hand to hold the rack flat.

  11. You may need to follow the RibStick with your free hand to ensure the rack stays flat against the preparation surface.

  12. Continue operating the driver until the RibStick has completely removed the membrane from the rack.

  13. After the membrane is fully removed, your ribs are ready to cook!

  14. Clean the RibStick by sliding the membrane off of the RibStick and discarding the membrane.

  15. Hand wash the RibStick after use.

  16. DO NOT wash the driver. If the driver is dirty, wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe or damp rag.

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